Have a happy #TCMEaster!

In celebration of Easter last year, Turner Classic Movies aired a stellar lineup of holiday-themed films. The schedule included everything from biblical epics like King of Kings (1961) to musical comedies like Easter Parade (1948).   

Inspired by the programming, I decided to create a digital series of panoramic Easter eggs. I crafted a set of eight animated illustrations, each designed in the style of a vintage "Happy Easter" card. The individual graphics incorporated an original GIF highlighting a scene from one of the films airing on Easter Sunday. Since the Fred Astaire and Judy Garland film Easter Parade (1948) is a personal favorite, I made two designs in the movie's honor. I shared these designs throughout Easter week with the TCM online community using the hashtag #TCMEaster.

In case you missed any of my posts on Twitter, you can see the entire #TCMEaster series in the gallery below. 

To TCM and the #TCMParty community, I would like to say a huge "thank you" for all of the likes and retweets of my #TCMEaster series. Your continued support of my work is deeply appreciated!

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